dimanche 25 juin 2017

MUSIC LICENSING - An incredible project deserves an incredible soundtrack!

Music Licensing Deal is a comprehensive music licensing platform. We offer visual media creators a highly curated assortment of musical pieces of every style and genre. We make quality and original stock music easily accessible for creatives to tell better stories!

Discover the ideal tune for your creative project with music licensing deal! Our portfolio is always upgraded and frequently intensifying. We distribute stock music which you can use without the fear of infringement of copyright laws. We help you create more art!

License music for anything you desire!

Music for video

  • Create videos that are even more amazing! Enjoy the freedom to choose the soundtrack that fits best for your video.

YouTube Music

  • No matter what your project, we help you connect to the power of music! Enjoy highly fresh content you won’t find anywhere else.

Background Music

  • Discover ambient and soothing stock music for any needs! Add real charming value to your project with our authentic melodies.

Music for Marketing

  • Design a revolutionary marketing campaign along with the perfect audio content! We can easily fulfill your demands for your marketing projects be it old school music or contemporary.

Why buy from Music Licensing Deal?

You might be wondering why buy music from a smaller stock music provider instead of larger portals? We feel the other way round! Being a smaller platform is our biggest advantage!

Purchasing music from us ensures quality original music that cannot be found everywhere. It will be fresh and new to everyone’s ears! Also, no need to buy exclusive rights at exorbitant prices.

We have the perfect musical composition for any project you are working on for affordable prices! We will design a solution at a price you will not find anywhere else!

If you don’t discover the ideal content suiting your format, we can even produce it for you! We create a musical piece on two conditions:

If you are ready to pay the price for an exclusive tailor-made music composition. When we come to a conclusion that your demand can fit our website’s and other customer’s needs. Basically, if you do not require exclusive rights for the composition, and if we think that the composition can interest our regular customers. In such a situation, we can do a custom job for the same price of a regular non-exclusive license.

Outstanding Music

  • Enjoy the greatest quality of original music never heard before! Our music compositions are highly selective.

Flexible Search

  • Find over an enormous quantity of superior tracks by genres, moods, themes, tempos, vocals, and instruments.

Convenience and Affordability

  • Managing music never became this easy! Easily discover remarkable music at reasonable prices.

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